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I'm an editor with a passion for films and television. They were my educators and opened my eyes to the world. 

As crucial as plot is, I think that character and emotion are where it's most important to explore and develop.

I started editing television documentaries, having assisted in the cutting rooms of feature films and tv drama. An edit suite is one of the best places to be.

My latest work is cutting episodes 2 + 4 of the thriller series The Jetty, directed by Marialy Rivas, written by Cat Jones for Firebird Pictures. It drops on BBC1 on 15th July.

The comedy thriller series Dead Hot, created by Charlotte Coben + directed by Sam Arbor for Quay Street Productions, is streaming on PrimeUK.

Episodes 4 + 5 of the AppleTV+ series Hijack, directed by Mo Ali, are streaming now.


The Flatshare, directed by Peter Cattaneo + Produced by Rhonda Smith for 42, is on Paramount+ 


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