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I'm an editor with a passion for films and television. They were my educators and opened my eyes to the world. 

As crucial as plot is, I think that character and emotion are where it's most important to explore and develop.

I started editing television documentaries, having assisted in the cutting rooms of feature films and tv drama. An edit suite is one of the best places to be.

Episodes 4 + 5 of the AppleTV+ series Hijack, directed by Mo Ali, are streaming now.


The Flatshare, directed by Peter Cattaneo + Produced by Rhonda Smith for 42, is on Paramount+ 

The comedy thriller series Dead Hot, directed by Sam Arbor for Quay Street Productions, will be streaming on Amazon in 2024.

I'm currently editing episodes 2 + 4 of the BBC thriller series The Jetty, directed by Marialy Rivas.

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